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Register for Services

To receive disability services, you must provide documentation verifying the disability and your need for accommodations. Verification information typically includes, but is not limited to:

  • A clear diagnosis from a qualified professional
  • Description of evaluation methods
  • Current limitations in the academic setting
  • Description of current/past accommodations
  • Medications and possible side effects
  • Possible accommodations needed

To Register for Services

  1. Complete and submit the Accessibility Services Registration Form (can be found on Form Central in My Cougar Connection).
  2. Submit documentation to verify your disability.
  3. Schedule a meeting with Student Accessibility Services staff prior to the beginning of classes, or as soon as possible if classes have already begun. (Meeting will be a phone, in-person interview or on Microsoft Teams.)
  4. Pick up your accommodation information (“Confidential Student Summary”) from the Academic and Career Development Center. Do this at the start of every subsequent semester
  5. Meet with your professors/instructors during their office hours as soon as possible to discuss your accommodations.

Note: If you need additional support or are not receiving an accommodation, contact Geneva Burgess, Coordinator of Student Accessibility, at 260-399-8065 or [email protected].